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For many years, the electricity company IBERDROLA, through its distribution company, issues invoices to its customers for exorbitant amounts accusing them of having performed a manipulation in their counter and having carried out a consumption superior to the one paid. At that point, Iberdrola practices a subjective regularization taking into account the supposed consume of electricity they think you had made during the period in which the consumer has supposedly carried out the manipulation of the meter until it has been detected. In most cases these invoices are accompanied by a very brief report of the technical inspection carried out without prior notice to the consumer so he can’t be present during the inspection and is impossible for him to check the reality of this situation. Thus, the consumer, totally uninformed of the rights that he holds before the company, is placed in a position of submission based on what is stated in the technical report, having to face, against his will, the payment of the amount that the Company has decided to impose at its discretion, because the non-payment of the bill entails cutting off electricity supply and depriving him of his basic needs.
Faced with this situation, the consumer tries by all possible means to contact the electricity company for explanations and, above all, clear evidence of the accusation made against him. Phone calls to the company are eternal, they pass you through one operator to another, they just say that the information granted in the invoice is what they have in their computer, so not a really answer is provided, they do not give you any way to amend the situation or to prove otherwise, they just recommend you to pay the invoice or to go to court. The electric company acts in a totally authoritarian way granting the consumer a deadline to pay the invoice, warning that otherwise the supply will be cut.
What is significant is that the contract holder is accused by the company without any evidence and he is considered guilty of manipulated his counter until proven otherwise. Surprisingly, the company issue bills for the amount of € 2,500, or higher, which forces the consumer if he wants to protest and to appeal the invoice, to go to the courts with the assistance of a lawyer and represented by a court prosecutor, with a high cost for legal fees. In addition to this, they are forced to pay the high electricity bill if they do not want his electric supply to be cut-off, as we all know that Justice in Spain is not too fast.
Andreu & Alenda Lawyers is acting on defense of all this consumers that are being abused by the electric company. We have a full team of lawyers and expert’s electricians to probe the abuse and the real consume of electricity and to defend in court your rights.

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